sg1a1Since 1993, we have been engaged in the manufacture of garden architecture elements of wood, gazebos, pergolas, karporty, wooden fences, swings, planters, bridges, woodsheds. Methods for obtaining raw material, its processing and impregnation are completely environmentally friendly and does not interfere with the natural environment . Our products overhauled in an autoclave vacuum-pressure method, this method protectors deeply and thoroughly penetrates into the depths of the wood. Our products are characterized by simplicity of design and the ability to seamlessly compose, or replacement of individual elements. A wide range can be to convince reviewing this catalog or simply visiting us... In our production plant is still working to meet the growing demands of our customers. Certainly you can expect from us high quality, on-time delivery, flexibility, speed and reliability in the execution of orders. Better yet would be if you will see this for yourself!

The Carpenter Jarosław Wojtczak


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